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  1. Control Google Glass Via Telekinesis
  2. Public Demonstration In Vegas Fails
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  6. 4 Year Old Predicts The Future
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  1. Real Mind Power
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  3. Mind Reading, Psychic Ability, Esp
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  1. Genuine Magic Power
  2. Alien Life & The Paranormal
  3. SpellCraft Blog
  4. UFO Files
  5. Real Magic Spells
  6. Real Mind Power
  7. Safe Witchcraft
  8. ESP & Paranormal
  9. Real WitchCraft
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Welcome To The Psychic Powers Guide

A free guide to the facts behind psychic powers, ESP, mind reading, telekinesis, etc..

This site is here to give anyone who is interested up to date information on the true facts about psychic powers (ESP, mind reading, telekinesis, etc.) as far as current knowledge allows. By "true facts" I really mean "What is currently known, and what we believe to be true from our current knowledge". Our knowledge is being added to all the time, so our theories about what is going on in the brain is also changing all the time. As an example of this: Eleven years ago I wrote my first book on the subject of Psychic Powers, it was up to date and cutting edge at the time. As I type this it is about to be re-released, and I had to update it quite bit for the re-release as in those eleven years we have learnt a lot more, and some of the "facts" that I stated in the original version are no longer "correct" by "today's thinking", so I changed several pages to allow for our current thinking on the subject. And that was in eleven short years. If that much has changed in eleven years, how much since the 1990s, or the 1980s, or the 1970s? And how much will change in the next eleven years?

And as the speed of our increase of knowledge in things like ESP, mind reading, and telekinesis. is increasing exponentially, I also have to wonder how much will have changed by this time next year?

So when I say that I will give you "up to date information on the true facts about psychic powers, ESP, mind reading, telekinesis, etc." be aware that next week, I may edit what is written on this site, if our knowledge changes.

Which, I guess, is one of the big advantages of the web. I can (and will) keep coming back and updating this website so that it will ALWAYS give you the MOST UP TO DATE information on psychic powers. So you must bookmark this site now and you must keep coming back so that you are always up to date with the current knowledge about psychic matters!

And I will also give you links to recent news articles on psychic powers, ESP, mind reading, telekinesis, etc.. This will help you keep up with what is going on in the world of psychic powers. Which is another reason why you must bookmark this site now and must also keep coming back.

REMEMBER this site is your most important resource for up to date information on psychic powers and all things related to psychic powers.

OK, so once you have bookmarked this page it is time to look at the menus so that you can see what is on this site. To the left you will see six menus:

The top menu, labelled "This Site", is your most important menu. This contains links to all the articles on this site. Over time I will add more articles on psychic powers, ESP, mind reading, telekinesis, etc.. I will also update existing articles as more information comes in from the psychic researchers.

The second menu, labelled "News Articles", is your second most important menu. This will give you links to all the recent news reports and announcements by various research groups. This will give you the very first look at new discoveries in the psychic field, and keep you up to date with what is going on in the world of psychic science, ESP, mind reading, telekinesis, etc..

The third menu, labelled "Psychic Sites", is your "back up" menu. When new facts come it, different people will interpret them in different ways. You can use these links to visit other psychic sites and get other views on what these new discoveries mean.

The fourth menu, labelled "Paranormal Sites", is for those of you whose interest goes beyond the psychic world. My personal interest is in the hidden powers of the human brain - ESP, mind reading, telekinesis, etc.. However people who are interested in that sort of thing are often interested in other aspects of the paranormal; ghosts, UFOs, magic, etc.. Since I will not be covering things like that on this site I have included this list of links to sites that do cover these things, for those of you who want to study those things as well.

You will find some of the same links in the "Psychic Sites" and the "Paranormal Sites" index. That is because some sites cover both these subjects.

The fifth menu, labelled "Other Sites", is for sites covering other fun stuff. These sites have nothing to do with psychic powers, ESP, mind reading, telekinesis, etc.. Nor do they have anything to do with any paranormal matters. They are just fun little sites filled with fun stuff to keep you amused. You cannot spend your entire life studying psychic powers, however important this is, You must also take time off for other interests, other ways to have fun. If you don't, you will be the most boring person in the room - even if you are at a convention for the most boring people in the world!. So that is what this list is for. Great ways to waste time and have a bit of fun. Go on - let your hair down!

The last menu, labelled "More Sites", is for link exchanges. This is a selection of sites who have traded links with me. Sites that will offer you more "new interests", more ways to avoid being "Mr Boring - king of the boring people". If you have a website or blog, and you want it listed in this menu, follow the last link on the menu to find out how.

Well now you have learnt how this site works, get over to the first menu and start reading, start learning all you need to know about the psychic world, about things like ESP, mind reading, telekinesis, etc.. Then work through the site. And do not forget to keep coming back for new articles, new news, and new information.


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